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September 21st

An international day for peace

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“It is a beautifully produced documentary that pairs quotes with fitting images and uses music very well to evoke strong emotions….We Are Many does a brilliant job documenting this legacy so many participated in.”

The Independent / Read more

"The new movie teaching us lessons to learn from the 2003 Iraq war protests"

The Observer / Read more

"Stars invoke the spirit of 2003 Iraq war demo in new film"

Bring The Noise

"When the credits started to roll on Sunday the film was met with a 5 minute standing ovation and a deeply moved audience, such a strong reaction rarely witnessed by Doc/Fest.”

Mark Kermode / Read more

"The passion and scale of the global protests against the Iraq war in 2003 are a moving reminder of people power....in a tearinducing stop the war documentary".

The Guardian / Read more

"the one-to-watch doc from the new Michael Moore on the block."


“loaded with unbelievable deleted scenes and what-happened-next clips that will blow your mind”

The Mail on Sunday

“a potent combination of precision and passion” ‏★★★

The Independent / Read more

“Amir Amirani's documentary will jog memories about the sheer scale of anti-war protests… inspiring" ‏★★★

The Guardian / Read more

"This is a bold and important documentary about the immediate failure – but also the lasting legacy – of the 2003 Stop the War movement... A very valuable film" ‏★★★★

Empire / Read more

“A work of beautiful rage… provokes anger and goosebumps” ‏★★★★


“Consistently intelligent and nuanced”

Radio Times

“Rousing and moving, it’s a film that should be seen by the many” ‏★★★★

The Herald

“piercing documentary… a righteously angry film” ‏★★★★

Spectator / Read more

“powerful account of the epic failure of public opinion”

Daily Star

“engrossing documentary”. ★★★★

Joe.co.uk / Read more

"The most thrilling, vital and rousing film of the year.” ‏★★★★★

Financial Times / Read more

“A sturdy documentary” ‏★★★★

Daily Express

“the anger, excitement and hope of that day is brilliantly captured in We Are Many, an emotional and often stirring documentary” ‏★★★★

Daily Mail

“immensely powerful”, “brilliant” ‏★★★★

Daily Mirror

“shows the spirit of revolt is still very much alive” ‏★★★★

Huffington Post / Read more

“The only film I've ever watched where the audience started clapping halfway through” ‏★★★★★

Stephen Fry

‏“Was it really 12 years ago? I’m not sure a trailer has ever made me want to see a film more.”

Tim Robbins

“This is the most important film of 2015.”

Hollywood Reporter / Read more

“An all star cast of artists, activists and politicians remember the mass global protests against the Iraq War in this polished documentary”

Screen Daily / International / Read more

“It is a powerful and at times moving tribute to organised dissent and the power of the people… It is admirably watchable and provocative… Amirani is to be congratulated for this passionate and provocative film”

The Cult Den

“We Are Many had its world premiere on the 8th of June 2014 at the Sheffield Documentary Festival but was about a decade in the making and what Amir Amirani has produced is well worth the wait.” 9/10