Baghdad, Iraq

Baghdad, Iraq

On 15 Febraury 2003, I arrived in Baghdad, Iraq, in a Peace Convoy, in order to try and stop the war. The night before we had been held up on the Syria/Iraq border for 12 hours while the Iraqis tried to decide what to do with all the cameras/journalists/sat phoneson the buses!

That meant we arrived in Baghdad too late to join the march. But we made up for it over the following weeks as we went on protest after protest, attracting lots of media attention for the ‘NO War’ message.

It was very special. Wish there had been more of us, wish we had stopped the war.

I fell in love with Iraq and was fortunate enought to return there later that year – I saw Iraq before the war and after and documented the differences. I ended up living there for a year and marrying an Iraqi.

15 February completely changed my life.