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09:00 pm Thursday 4th September 2014, Book Now

On 15 February 2003, 36 million people marched in a global protest against the impending invasion of Iraq: the largest mobilization in human history of everyday people fighting to stop a war, set against a small number of people working to start one. Backed by gripping interviews with academics, politicians and activists including Noam Chomsky, Tony Benn, Jesse Jackson, Tariq Ali, and Hans Blix, we follow the twists and turns of these opposing forces, both as the facts were known then, and what has come to light since the invasion in leaks, inquiries, and high-level hearings. Both uplifting and chilling in equal measures, the film’s message is that if you keep coming back at some point you will make the change. What started with 9/11 and the failed attempt to stop the invasion of Iraq, planted the seed for the Arab Spring a decade later, and the UK Parliament voting against military intervention in Syria.

We are delighted that filmmaker Amir Amirani will be present at the screening.

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