Dan O’Neill

Dan O’Neill

I had been involved with the Stop the War Coalition from Sep 2002, participating in a Halloween demo on Parliament Sq (my wife and I carved the pumpkins for a photo that appeared in the red top daily’s the next day) in October and every significant march.

On the day of the 2 million man march I was running a fundraising stall under the Waterloo bridge. Whilst the day was freezing cold, with a usual whipping wind blowing of the Thames, spirits were very high. I stood there for around 8 hours in total and it seemed as if the procession would never end!

I had the privilege of watching history walk past me that day. I had the joy of seeing the entire cultural breadth of 21st century Britain walk past united in the determination to avert injustice. Everyone was peaceful and true.

When the politicians in the big house did what they had always planned to do and invaded, it was tremendously disappointing, nevertheless it is light that dispels dark and we lit a massive torch that day that still shines.

That day bolstered my belief in the common good and simple solidarity of the British people. It also taught me about the inherent worthlessness of the mainstream media as a tool for information and the obsolescence of our political system.

War criminals still need to be bought to account rather than awarded publishing deals.
I would welcome the chance to speak on camera about this.