London, UK

London, UK

For me, I knew deep down and despite all the fear,  that it was so so wrong to consider attacking Iraq.

I flew to London,  from my peaceful mediterranean heaven, where I had marched throughout my childhood against so many things that were wrong.

I remember arriving early at the”beginning” point of the march and there were not many people, just a load of banners we could grab and an open coffee shop or two.  My lovely sister and I watched as more and more people arrived.  We set off with thousands.

I have never felt so safe in London, surrounded by people who cared about the mistake we were about to make.  The feeling of walking alongside so many people who I had never met yet we were joined and united in a way I have never felt before meant that most of the day I was holding back tears.  The feeling of believing,  that yes, we were powerful, we could do it, we could change it  – will stay with me always.

So many thousands of us gathered, peacefully in Hyde Park to listen and shout our agreement to the speakers.  We had our mobile phone coverage stopped.  They denied there were as many of us as there were.

I will never forget how proud I was of everyone who was next to me, how strong we can be, how beautiful we are, how we cared, how we still do.

And yet they did attack Iraq and kill, maim and torture the Iraqi people –  all that we, that day marched to protect.  But it’s still there with me.  The power we have, the fear that we gave to those who decide who to kill, who decide to “shock and awe”.

For me, I know that I did something, a little bit, even if it was only to stand next to my muslim, christian, Jewish or otherwise human friends and know that we tried.

To know that somewhere a little bit of youtube or facebook or whatever will tell the Iraqi people that it wasn´t all of us.  It was a twisted few that decided their fate.  Not us, not in our name.  We wanted their peace, their security, their families to grow.

We Are Many, we do care, we will continue, we will change things, we love, we want peace and we will prevail.  For me, that day, those beautiful people who walked alongside me in London, and around the world have changed my life, my childrens and I know that we will change the future.