London, UK

London, UK

I went with a group of friends on one of the coaches organised by Coventry ‘Stop the War’ group.

We made two huge banners. We were amazed on the way down the M1 at how many coaches were heading to London. Every service Station was packed with coaches.

When we arrived at the top of Baker Street/Gower Road we were held back for nearly three hours due to the masses arriving at the Embankment. I’ll never forget the noise of the crowd as it came in waves as the helicopters hovered above us.

There were people of all ages from babes in arms to old people in wheelchairs. Every race, every creed stood together to voice our outrage over the lies we were being told and the rhetoric of the war criminals Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Blair.

WE knew it was all lies.

We took it in turn to push the wheelchairs, we spoke with each other, we felt both the LOVE amonst us and the power we all had that day.
Had we not been so focused on PEACE there would have been NOTHING the powers that be could have done to stop us taking over…barring tanks and guns.