London, UK

London, UK

I am a 76 year old person.

I was 63 years old on that momentous day in February when the march took place. I marched along with two comrades, joining the March in Gower Street by London University.

As a foot-soldier in the daily struggle for equality and social justice it was not my first march, nor my last one. I started demonstrating with the CND March in 1959.

This was followed by joining in the anti-imperialist demonstrations over Cuba and Vietnam, and pro-Palestine demonstrations, ant-apartheid ones and so on.

The duplicity of Blair and the spread of Islamophobia will forever be etched on my heart.

What the western powers are now doing in Syria, what they have already done in Libya, and what they have been preparing to do in Iran for the last nine months should not be allowed to pass in silence. I commend and support all that the Stop the War Coalition tries to achieve and accomplish. And let’s not allow Obama’s illegal dron warfare in Pakistan and elsewhere go unremarked – Venceremos!