Valencia, Spain

Valencia, Spain

Buses were organised from Gandia, an hour from Valencia, and just as well because the trains were so packed from that first station that anyone after that couldn´t get onto the train.

We walked towards Plaza San Augustine, the meeting point  for the march, everyone  walking fast in the same direction , the road closed to traffic.

Suddenly about a block from San Augustine impossible to take another step  in any direction – the place was packed.  It was so packed no-one could  move at all  – the entire trajectory of the march was full so we all stood chock-a-block the whole protest,  able to move even  arms only up.

I was supposed to meet another person there but although only  half a block away, out of the question!  What an unforgettable few hours, The atmosphere was something more than  magical,  everyone in Spain against  the war on Iraq,  everyone feeling that we were so many.